Documentary film about the extraction of “POLEWATER”

Hochseeschlepper im Sturm

The film production company SOF is planning a documentary film that will tell the story of POLEWATER’s development over the past 10 years and look into the future of iceberg transport.

Focus on the background of the project: why do we “have” to do this….

The scarcity of water on our planet is increasingly becoming one of the most pressing global problems, demanding viable solutions. While we can overcome many challenges of our daily lives and increasingly changing living conditions, without water there is simply no future. Some countries are already feeling the negative effects of drinking water shortages, and the idea that water could one day be completely absent is alarming. Water scarcity is too often viewed in isolation, but its effects will reach unprecedented levels and change almost every aspect of our lives. If we fail to get a grip on the problem and act in time, we risk social upheaval, increasing conflict and drastic economic changes. In this context, it is only of limited help if individual countries take decisive action. Water scarcity is not a local phenomenon, but a global problem that must be dealt with accordingly.

In this respect, the documentary “POLEWATER” comes into play. This project goes far beyond the ten-year history of research and offers a deep insight into the transport of icebergs in order to obtain drinking water from them. But its main focus is to answer the question of why we need to take such action. Why it has to come to this.

Documentary challenge

The documentary has the challenging task of not only illuminating the technological and logistical side, but also conveying the motivation, passion and determination behind this endeavor. Ultimately, the film becomes a visual and narrative representation of an endeavor that not only challenges the limits of human capabilities, but also highlights the pressing importance of preserving our blue planet. Exploring and reconstructing the past in a documentary film is an interesting task. The cinematic accompaniment of the planned iceberg transports represents a completely new and demanding challenge.

Here it is crucial that the cinematic accompaniment acts almost invisibly, while at the same time every step of this project is meticulously implemented. The safety of all involved is paramount, as the complexity of the undertaking leaves no room for compromise. In the midst of this multitude of complicated circumstances, filming must be seamlessly integrated into the POLEWATER crew’s operations. This requires a high degree of planning, coordination and consideration. The safety of the team members as well as all other parties involved is absolutely paramount.

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