About Us

5 friends, 10 years, 1 project.

Task: combating water shortages.

We were preoccupied with water shortages from an early stage, and it didn’t take long for us
to understand that the demand for drinking water is growing, but usable resources are not.
In short: water is needed – additional water.


So we started to consider this issue. Early on, we were also asked why we were dealing with a project like this directly. Why didn’t we just found an association to sell water and use the proceeds to finance projects?

At the time, however, we thought: if everything that the United Nations, the many NGOs, and scientific research around the world were saying about water shortages is true – the causes, what the situation is like today, and how it may develop… Then we cannot initiate a water aid project for people in need and at the same time sell water from our own sources. We would not be helping, but rather, we would be part of the problem.


We need water. New water, fresh water. There are different approaches for obtaining new water. Our approach is to rely on a source that has no direct negative impacts on our environment. In addition, we view ourselves as supporters in the fight against water shortages, as a large water supply service for everyone who urgently needs water. Except that we don’t deliver to the 5th floor, but rather, we deliver at ports.


And this is us:

Timm Schwarzer – Project development
Heiner Schwer – Administration
Andreas Gagneur – Engineering
Florian Krumrey – Marketing
Akos Berzi – Finance


Would you like to get to know us better, and would you like use your expertise and join us?
Feel free to contact us at yesiwill@polewater.com. Thank you in advance for your confidence in us.

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